AWS OLA: A tool-based IT inventory assessment

Moving to the cloud 'yes' or 'no'? Amazon Web Services Optimization and Licensing Assessment (AWS OLA) is a no-cost service from AWS and DATA FLOSS.

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Fun fact & Intro

According to IDC, using Windows on AWS brings significant benefits. On average, customers enjoy a 442% ROI over five years, face 98% less unplanned downtime, and have 56% lower operational costs over five years. A real-life example is SSP, a software provider for insurers. By moving to AWS, they reduced Windows-related costs by 40%.

AWS OLA is a tool-based IT inventory assessment. The result of this assessment is your individual business case (TCO) and ultimately the basis for your strategic decision – for or against a migration to the AWS Cloud.

The challenge

Decision makers need clear facts to decide whether to move to AWS cloud. Comparing on-premises (capital expenses) with cloud-based IT (operational expenses - pay per use) is tricky due to the different cost structures.

Making a cloud business plan using server lists isn't the best way to approach this.

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The solution

AWS OLA helps assess your IT inventory using tools. We then compare your current on-premises costs with two AWS scenarios: moving as is (Lift & Shift) or optimizing for AWS (Opex).

Following AWS Migration Best Practices, we will use the appropriate tools for comparison to on-premise systems or current cloud users to define the right path forward.

The result

In your personalized IT Inventory Assessment, we analyze your system's usage, storage, operations, traffic, and Microsoft license costs over 2 to 4 weeks.

The outcome is your unique business case (TCO), crucial for your strategic decision on moving to or staying away from AWS Cloud.


Absolutely free: OLA is a no-cost service from AWS and DATA FLOSS. It only requires a small amount of your time.

No hidden charges: We won't ask for any payment, even if you choose not to continue after OLA.

Your personalized plan: OLA provides your unique business plan (TCO). This solidifies your decision for or against moving to AWS Cloud.

Automated assessment: We use advanced tools to analyze your IT setup. Then, we compare your current costs with AWS scenarios: moving as is or optimizing (Opex). Optimization could reduce costs by 30% on average.

Financial assistance for migration: If you opt for AWS Cloud migration, we can help you apply for funding like the Migration Acceleration Program (MAP).

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